US News: Light-rail train hits pedestrian in Rainier Valley

US News: Light-rail train hits pedestrian in Rainier Valley

A Sound Transit train struck a pedestrian on the 1 Line tracks in Rainier Valley early Sunday, causing serious injuries.

The train was northbound, north of the Othello Station, and the operator already was slowing, having spotted a vehicle that seemed likely to make an illegal left turn. Then a person in dark clothing came into view in the median of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South near South Graham Street, according to preliminary information from spokesperson John Gallagher.

The collision happened shortly after midnight Sunday. The pedestrian’s injuries were serious but they were able to speak, before being transported to a hospital, Gallagher said. Bus shuttles were sent to carry train riders through the area while the crash was investigated.

Further details weren’t immediately available. Rail safety officers typically conduct a multiweek investigation, including “black box” data, to determine the factors and whether the crash was preventable.

In the 1 Line’s history, 30 pedestrians have been struck while crossing or walking in the rails as of mid-2022, among 168 total crashes with people, vehicles or objects. A multi-government team has been considering safety changes to surface crossings.

Earlier on Saturday evening, a young male was found unresponsive inside a train that arrived at Northgate Station. He died despite attempts by firefighters to resuscitate him on the train platform, Gallagher said. The incident was described as a medical emergency on rider alerts at 9:37 p.m. Saturday, and other trains were delayed temporarily near Northgate.

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