US News: Another child of power and privilege in trouble with the law

Another child of power and privilege is in trouble with the law, and odds are she won’t pay a steep price.

The 23-year-old daughter of Democratic House Whip Katherine Clark is accused of striking a police officer and defacing an historical monument at a Boston Common protest. She was charged with assault and battery and released on Monday on just $500 cash bail after pleading not guilty.

The question is, if you had assaulted a police officer and defaced an historic monument, what would happen to you?

If you were accused of groping a woman on an airplane, what would happen to you?

And what would happen to you, if you were found by police passed out with guns in your car?

Former Gov. Charlie Baker’s son was accused but never charged with groping a woman on a flight to Logan Airport. A redacted police report says the victim said during the flight, “Don’t do that … don’t do that” and moved to another seat.

The case was transferred to the U.S. Attorney’s office, where it languishes without any resolution or disclosure of what the government has done against Baker.

The son of a state police superintendent was charged with improper storage of a firearm after he was allegedly found by police passed out hanging out of his car after a night out. After his arraignment, he was released without bail and escorted out of the courthouse by a local police officer to keep the media away.

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