Science News: Woman Shares About Her Increased Heart Rate While Watching ‘Pathaan’, Posts Picture of Apple Watch

Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 7:09 p.m

Science News: Woman Shares About Her Increased Heart Rate While Watching ‘Pathaan’, Posts Picture of Apple Watch

SRKian posts picture of her ‘increased’ heart rate while watching ‘Pathaan’ and it shows how Shah Rukh Khan is more than just an actor to many like her (Photo Credits: Twitter/@PWNeha)

Twitter user, Neha Ramneek Kapoor, shared picture of her ‘high’ heart rate on the Apple Watch while catching the first day-first show of ‘Pathaan’.

The ‘Pathaan’ fever doesn’t seem to end shortly as SRKians are on cloud nine to watch their King on big screens after four years. From families lining up to catch the first day, the first show to fan clubs having pre-booked the entire theatre to glance at the superstar’s comeback, Shah Rukh Khan’s admirers ensure that they do not miss the beat this time. With jam-packed theatres on ‘Pathaan’ day, all one could hear would be howls, hoots, and whistles by the audience where praises would fall short for their ‘Hero’. While their hearts would surely skip a beat, a fan interestingly captured how her heart rate went really high during ‘Pathaan’.

Twitter user, Neha Ramneek Kapoor, posted about her ‘speechless’ reaction after watching the spy thriller on the silver screen. Her ‘high’ heart rate, as shown on her Apple watch, perfectly backed her fanbase claim. Her pulse rate went up by three times while catching a glimpse of the Bollywood King in Pathaan’s first show of the day.

Sharing the picture of her watch from the theatre, she wrote, “There’s so much to say about #Pathaan, but for now all I’ll say is, the 8:45am show was completely packed and there was not one scene where the audience didn’t scream or whistle. And, my heart rate increased 3 times. Only SRK can do that to me. #PathaanFirstDayFirstShow”

Neha went on to remark that she got three such alerts on her Apple Watch which showed her the elevated heart rate. However, this was more of an excited alert and not the shocking one.

Meanwhile, the most-awaited Bollywood film took the box office by storm on Wednesday and it recorded the biggest release for a Hindi film ever in the history of Indian Cinema. Moreover, this led to the exhibitors increasing over 300 shows of the film all over India after a massive footfall in the first show.

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