Science News: Woman Finds Out She ‘Accidentally’ Married Her Third Cousin

Last Updated: January 23, 2023, 12:52 PM IST

Science News: Woman Finds Out She ‘Accidentally’ Married Her Third Cousin

Marcella Hill admits that she is related to her husband by blood.(Source: Instagram)

Marcella Hill discovered the truth while she was pregnant with her first baby.

People often say what a small world when they run into someone they know. What would be the appropriate expression if you end up accidentally marrying your third cousin? A rising TikToker made the honest mistake and she went on to admit it to her growing 300 thousand followers online. Marcella Hill, a Utah mother, revealed in one of her clips on TikTok that she and her husband are related by blood. She admitted that she only found the truth about their lineage not only after they were married but when they were expecting their first child together. It had to be a shocker, to say the least. The clip shared by Marcella on her TikTok had an unexpected story that soon began making rounds on social media.

The New York Post quoted her as saying in the clip, “So I’ve never told anyone publicly that I accidentally married my cousin.” Marcella narrated the event that led up to the accidental discovery of this fact. She mentioned that when she was pregnant, the Utah mom was looking at her family tree to find a name for her baby. “I was like, ‘Oh look, grandpa’s name, grandma’s name, great-grandma’s name, great-great-grandma’s name,’” Marcella Hill said. “My husband was next to me on his own family search and was like, ‘Oh that’s funny — we have the same grandma and grandpa’s names.’”

Turns out it was not just the names that were the same. At first, Marcella Hill thought her husband must have logged in from her account and was just looking at her family tree. That did not turn out to be the case. Marcella and her husband did what any couple would do next. Compare their family trees. They came to the conclusion that Marcella’s grandpa and her husband’s grandmother were actually first cousins. The confirmation was given by the grandparents themselves. At the moment, that was not a happy realization for the couple.

Yet as time went by, the couple has come to accept this honest mistake. Given that they had a local courthouse ceremony, the two never stood a chance to find they were related during their marriage anyway. They are still married to each other and have found a silver lining in the entire ordeal. “We have won a prize for being-the-closest-related-in-a-neighborhood activity. And when I go to my family reunion, he gets to go to his too — at the same time,” Marcella Hill said, reported New York Post.

Marcella Hill has not let this fact mess up her work as an author and as a business owner of handmade woollen sweaters.

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