Science News: Japanese Fans’ ‘Organised’ Way of Celebrating Victory Against Germany Will Leave You Impressed

Last Updated: November 24, 2022, 7:18 PM IST

Science News: Japanese Fans’ ‘Organised’ Way of Celebrating Victory Against Germany Will Leave You Impressed

Japanese Fans Follow Traffic Rules While Celebrating Victory Against Germany (Photo Credits: Twitter/ @Millar_Colin)

Japanese fans took to the streets of Tokyo to celebrate their historic win against Germany in FIFA World Cup 2022. What amazed the internet users was their “courteous” way of indulging in celebrations.

Kudos to all the Japanese who never fail to impress the world with their discipline and organised way of living! They inspire people with their courtesy and respect which was even evident during and after the Japanese team defeated four-time world champions Germany in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022.

While Japan stunned the world with their momentous 2-1 win against Germany on Wednesday, fans got their ‘own’ way of indulging in the celebrations post-victory. They took to the streets of Tokyo to celebrate the historic win in Japan’s opening match but only when the traffic lights were red. Thus, their ‘courteous’ way of celebrating victory impressed the online users who are all praises for the ‘civilised citizens’.

In the video shared on Twitter, the crowd started dancing with joy at the popular scramble crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo, only till the traffic lights were red. The people dispersed after the light turned green, making way for vehicles to pass without creating congestion on the streets. The graceful gesture was lauded by the Twitterverse that found it very inspiring and thoughtful.

The video was shared on November 23 and garnered 294K views at the time of publishing the article. The ‘disciplined’ video of Japanese fans taking to the streets in droves to celebrate Japan’s victory over Germany was captioned as “#JPN fans are so courteous that their public street celebrations after beating #GER are only conducted when the traffic lights are red.”

“Most civilised country on earth”, replied a user while another one stated, “Japanese are hundred years ahead of this generation”. Some even claimed that “They’re the best”.

The news of the Japanese’s ‘organised’ way of celebrating came after the fans took it as their responsibility to clean the World Cup stadium by picking up the racks and abandoned food items after Japan vs Germany match in Qatar. Indeed, their way of treating everything with such dedication and respect proves that they are one of the most beautiful people inside and out!

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