Science News: House Help Gives Farewell to Man Shifting to Another City in Heartwarming Gesture

Last Updated: November 22, 2022, 4:46 PM IST

Science News: House Help Gives Farewell to Man Shifting to Another City in Heartwarming Gesture

House Help Gives Warm Farewell to Young Man in Viral Video (Photo Credits: Instagram/ anishbhagatt)

Video of a domestic helper giving warm farewell to young man who was shifting to another city has impressed the internet users who applauded her efforts to make him ‘Feel Home’.

Leaving your house or a place where you’ve spent some of the most cherished moments of your life is hard! But it’s the sweet, little things that keep us connected to that place. It can be your laddu in mother’s hand (sweets made by mother) or your brother’s oversized hoodie, these small yet memorable commodities have a special place in our hearts. Now, it’s harder for people who are left behind in the same city or family who miss your presence after you leave them. Such is the case with a man named Anish Bhagat (as on Instagram) who received a warm farewell from his house helper before moving to another city. The young IG user shared a video of how his domestic helper arranged a farewell lunch for him at her own house and the clip is sure to add a wide smile to your face!

Anish took to Instagram to share the clip of his special farewell given by his house help, whom he called Reshma Di. In the video, he could be seen entering Reshma’s home where he received a beautiful welcome with a tika (vermillion) on his forehead. He was also made to wear a traditional cap on his head before Reshma Di served him the scrumptious delicacies that she made for Anish. Reshma, along with her family members, seemed too excited to be serving him which led to Anish pouring out his love to the heartwarming gesture as he clicked pictures with them.

“I can’t express how emotional I am. Reshma di is my best friend. I’ve been very sad about moving out because I’m so used to seeing her every day. This gesture of hers only makes it worse because she has always genuinely cared. The way she welcomed us to her place is just so damn wholesome. Not only that but the amount of effort she put into making us feel special Is insurmountable,” wrote Anish alongside the video that garnered over a lakh likes at the time of writing this article. He further added, “I’m sad that I won’t be able to see her as often. However, this isn’t the end for us. It’s in fact a new beginning. Reshma di is always gonna be here with me and with all of you. I’m filled with only gratitude.”

Netizens couldn’t stop showering their love and blessings on Anish and Reshma as one of them commented, “This is so sweet! You are the luckiest with people! I’m sure Reshma Didi will miss you so much and so will you! All the best in the new city bub! (Hope it’s not Bangalore).” “This is sooo wholesome,” said another user. The emotional clip made internet users applaud the efforts of the lady who welcomed her guest with so much dedication, care, and love while keeping all the traditions intact. “Reshma di (heart emojis) Anish thank you for being so kind and down to earth..not many would treat others this way..,” wrote a user. Undoubtedly, the video is proof that little things matter, and what matters the most is how they make us feel so complete and beautiful!

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