Samsung Best Mobile Phones In Under 15K | Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone Reviews

Welcome back friends, if you are thinking of taking any budget smartphone of Samsung which you want to give between 12 to 15000, then today I will tell you about such a phone which can be absolutely perfect for you and there is a lot in its market.

Samsung galaxy M33 6GB RAM,128GB ROM

Samsung Galaxy M33 has grown before now and which is going on a lot in the market too, this phone is not only good to look at but good in every look along with its camera feature, battery performance and procedure, everything is very good, you will face any disappointment after taking this phone. will not have to because in phone sentence so good this phone name is samsung galaxy samsung galaxy M33.

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Key Features Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

If we talk about the features, then we get only GB RAM 6GB RAM 128GB ROM MP rear camera 50 amp camera 6000 mAh battery.

General Features Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talking about the general feature, we get that the handset is an injection 31 data ki ke smart guidep the same if we talk about the color, then you get the model town Saathiya Pro, the smartphone is available in browser type, dual sim is available in sim type, hybrid sim There is no slot i.e. there are no different places of American in the border, both are in the same place, touchscreen you will get only normal thing, it is OTG compatible.

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Display Features Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talk about display features, if we talk about display features, then you get to see a 16-inch display, as well as if we talk about reservation, then you get to see 240 times 240, you get to see video recording and recording. HD recording can also do recording.

OS AND PROCESSOR FEATURE Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talking about the operating system, talk about the Android Twelfth processor call, then talk about the octa core and the primary people talk about the speed, the photo print gets 4gh.

Memory and Storage Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talking about memory and storage, you get 128GB of storage as well as 6GB of RAM and I am now dedicated to the card slot type, the delay means that the SIM and memory are in the same place.

Camera Features Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talk about the primary camera Talking about the primary camera in the camera features, then you get to see the rear camera of 50 MB and the double camera lens which is the primary lens.

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Connectivity features Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talk about connectivity features Talking about connectivity features, you get 5GB in 5G supported network in your network type, as well as you can use 4G 3G sub in it, you can use LTE, if you talk about battery and power features, then you will get 6000 You get the battery of the image and you get the warranty of 12 months.

Other Details Of Samsung Galaxy M33 Mobile Phone

Talking about the details, you get to see the phone, which is Samsung Galaxy M20 as well as you will get it from the resources. Talking about the user inference, you will get Western Android A1 is a social networking phone, is a business phone too, which MMS is available to whom? In such a situation, all the levels and many more will give you 1 year after that.

So if there are some special features of this phone that I have told you, you should give the rest as per your wish.

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