Movies News: Berlinale 2023 Lineup Includes New Films By Christian Petzold, Hong Sangsoo, Philippe Garrel & More

2023 truly begins taking shape with next month’s Berlinale, which will run from February 16 to February 26 and feature more than a few of our most-anticipated films this year. Among them are Christian Petzold’s Afire (Rotate Heaven), starring new muse Paula Beer (Undine, Transit); Hong Sangsoo’s In Waterwhich will appear in the Encounters section; and Philippe Garrel’s The Ploughonce known as The shattered moon starring his three children Louis, Esther, and Lena, and (judging from the still) his first color feature since 2011’s A Burning Hot Summer. Meanwhile: Angela Schanelec will return with Musicand––six years after the wonderful Person to Person––it’s nice spotting a new feature from Dustin Guy Defa, The Adults.

Find the lineup below and head back next month for our coverage of the festival headed by Kristen Stewart’s jury.


20,000 Species of Bees (Established by Urresola Solagu)

The Shadowless Tower (Zhang Lu)

Till the End of the Night (Christoph Hochhausler)

BlackBerry (Matt Johnson)

Disco Boy (Giacomo Abbruzze)

The Plough (Philip Garrel)

Movies News: Berlinale 2023 Lineup Includes New Films By Christian Petzold, Hong Sangsoo, Philippe Garrel & More

Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert (Margarethe von Trotta)

Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything (Emily Atef)

Limbo (Ivan Sen)

Bad Living (Joao Canijo)

Manodrome (John Trengove)

Music (Angela Schanelec)

Past Lives (Celine Song)

Afire (Christian Petzold)

On the Adamant (Nicholas Philibert)

The Survival of Kindness (Rolf de Heer)

Suzume (Makoto Shinkai)

Totem (Lila Ayles)


The Klezmer Project (Leandro Koch, Paloma Schahmann)

The Adults (Dustin Guy Times)

The Echo (Tatiana Huezo)

Here (Bas Devos)

In the Blind Spot (Ayse Polat)

The Cage is Looking for a Bird (Princess Musaeva)

My Worst Enemy (Mehran Tamadon)

White Plastic Sky (Tibor Banoczki, Sarolta Szabo)

In Water (Hong Sang-soo)

Family Time (Tia Kuovo)

The Walls of Bergamo (Stefano Savona)

Orlando, My Political Biography (Paul B. Precious)

Samsara (Lois Patino)

Eastern Front (Vitaly Mansky, Yevhen Titarenko)

Living Bad (Joao Canijo)

Absence (Wu Lang)


Golda (Native Guy)

Infinity Pool (Brandon Cronenberg)

Kill Boksoon (Byun Sung-hyun)

Kiss the Future (Nenad Cicin-Sain)

Massimo Troisi: Somebody Down There Likes Me (Mario Martone)

Loriot’s Great Cartoon Revue (Peter Geyer)

Last Night of Amore (Andrea DiStefano)

#Manhole (Kazuyoshi Kumakiri)

Mad Fate (Soi Cheung)

Seneca – On the Creation of Earthquakes (Robert Schwentke)

She Came to Me (Rebecca Miller)

Sun and Concrete (David Wnendt)

Talk to Me (Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou)

LIBRARY (Todd Field)

Untitled Boris Becker Documentary (Alex Gibney)

The presumptuous man (Lars Kraume)

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