Make Money: GAMSTOP’s Influence on the UK Gambling Market

GAMSTOP is a free service that lets you put controls in place to help restrict your online gambling activities. It helps you control your online betting, and is free for users. Anyone in the United Kingdom can access GAMSTOP,

Once signed up, you choose to restrict how much money you spend on gambling and for how long you can gamble on your devices. The system blocks gambling companies registered in the United Kingdom. Within a day, you can choose to block gambling sites for six months, a year, or up to five years.

The only question is, does GAMSTOP really influence the UK gambling market?

Positive Influence on Users

People who use GAMSTOP are more likely to stop gambling than if they had not used the service. A surprising 82% of GAMSTOP users have either stopped gambling entirely or reduced how much they bet.

Good news for those with a borderline gambling addiction or who just need extra support to control their betting. Of course, it also means less business coming in for the bookmakers and online gambling companies.

Using GAMSTOP is completely confidential so users can access the service without fear of stigma or judgment from others.

Once users have registered with GAMSTOP, they cannot unregister until their chosen period has finished.

If someone chooses to block all gambling sites for six months, but has a change of heart four months in, they are still bound by the limitations of the site, and would have to wait an additional two months to again gain access to online gambling sites. Strict protocols are in place to protect users from making impulsive negative decisions.

The site also has an extensive library of resources to help understand and combat gambling addiction.

Some Websites Slip Through The Net

By order of the British government, all United Kingdon betting websites must follow GAMSTOP’s rules and restrictions.

Of course, as with any service or rule, there are times when sites or users manage to slip through the net.

While GAMSTOP stops users from accessing betting sites based in the UK, users can still access websites from abroad or get around the issue by accessing blacklisted non-GAMSTOP sites with a good VPN provider.

Industry sites in the UK that follow the rules have expressed concerns that they are being penalized for obeying the official law. There is an ongoing debate about if and how sites that skirt the rules can be dealt with, instead of them benefiting from eager betters who cannot control their addiction.

Helps Casino Operators Take Responsibility for Their Customers

No casino owner or gambling site wants to profit from a person’s misery, especially if it is ruining their life and loved ones.

By accepting GAMSTOP’s criteria, operators can retain loyal customers who know their gambling limits. At the same time, they assure new customers that they will stick to the rules, if those consumers ever feel the need to impose GAMSTOP  upon themselves.

Owners and operators who reject the mandate to participate in GAMSTOP will lose their license, so there is a clear incentive on their part to come into alignment.

Create Positive Online Environments

By blocking users who cannot use gambling websites safely, GAMSTOP creates a safe online atmosphere. Addicts can control their addiction. And those who can gamble responsibly have the opportunity to do so, without worrying that they are helping to feed another person’s misery and struggle.

All in all, GAMSTOP creates a better gambling environment for everyone involved.

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