Entertainment News: Agatha & story speculations that got Marvel fans excited

Most MCU fans were skeptical of how stories of Wanda Maximoff And vision could turn out to be entertaining. And while it proved us wrong, we also met an absolutely adorable and efficiently deceiving Agatha Harkness. Although she was the antihero archetype, the performance of Kathryn Hahn has what made this character epic. And now that Marvel-Disney announced Agatha: Coven of Chaos in Phase 5, we will get to know more about wizardry and witchcraft. And since the spin-off is planned for a winter release in 2023-24 on Disney+, we have plenty of time to figure out the storyline for the first season.

Who is Agatha?

As we know so far, Agatha Harkness is a Salem Witch, who was put on trial and accused of practicing Black Magic by her own coven. She first appeared in MCU in Wanda’s Westview anomaly, so this season might be her quest to avenge the Coven that prosecuted her in the trial events. But then as we come to know Billy Maximoff, son of Wanda will also be part of this series, who disappeared as the Hex was destroyed. If makers are intended to make this season an origin story aligned with the events past Hex destruction, the character of Billy is most likely to be revealed as Bill Kaplan. Or Agatha might meet Billy and his brother might be presented in the series as fragments of the soul of Mephisto.

Events with the Department of Uncanny!

If MCU is to follow the comic source, we might be seeing her life events of being part of the Department of Uncanny, when the US Army assembled a group of mystics to fight with Nazi Mystics during the time of World War 2. If that happens, we might meet the Ghost dancer, a Caribbean mystic magician, and Emerald Warlock. So safe to predict, we might get snippets of their battle with Hilda von Hate in either one of the episodes or in many flashbacks.

Entertainment News: Agatha & story speculations that got Marvel fans excited

A League of fans has already predicted Wanda Maximof might be brought back by Agatha after Doctor Strange 2 events, where she was presumed perished because of the powers of Chaos Magic. That would make sense of casting Billy in this series to pair Wanda with him in the Chaos of Coven fight scene, in the second half of the season. Considering Agatha’s super powers included longevity Vast magic powers like Energy projection Illusion casting Telekinesis Telepathy Teleportation Transmutation, we can be sure Marvel will entertain us with whimsical dark stories of Magic to the fullest.

Cast included:

Marvel might haven’t announced which characters we will be seeing but some of the Key cast members have already been revealed. Apart from Joe Locke playing Billy, other actors like Aubrey Plaza, Emma Culafield, Maria Dizzia, and Ali Ahn have been confirmed for the series. Since the planned release is next or next to that year, stay tuned to TheGreatly.com