DONATE: Why I Donated: Why I Joined She’s the First’s Monthly Giving Community

This is a new series from Bloomerang called Why I Donated. In each post, one donor will share what inspired them to make their donation and why they donated to that specific cause. Our hope is that this series will provide you with an even better understanding of the people who can help you move your mission forward.

Keep reading to find out why CM, a marketing professional in Tennessee, joined She’s the First’s monthly giving community.

The Donor: CM

The Donation: CM made a $5 donation. This is a recurring (monthly) gift.

The Cause: Education

The Nonprofit: She’s the First

What inspired you to make a donation to She’s the First (STF)?

I had met the STF founders years ago, pretty soon after they started the organization, and I knew the work they were doing was in line with a few causes I cared about: education and human rights.

Were you familiar with the organization before donating? How did you hear about it?

I was. I had also seen how the organization had evolved over the years. As I learned more about the issues, I continued to be impressed by how STF operated. The organization is based in the United States, and I felt strongly about nonprofits partnering with grassroots organizations when doing work like this. As they explain on their websitethey do just that.

How did you decide on the amount you donated? Was it a one-time or recurring donation?

I joined The Front Row, which is their monthly giving community. At the time, I was changing career paths, and my income was uncertain. I knew, at the very least, how much I would contribute over the year (at least $5 each month or $60), and it made sense to set that up as my minimum donation. That way, if I had the flexibility to give more, I would just make a one-off donation.

What does it mean to be a member of the nonprofit’s monthly giving community?

As a member of The Front Row, I know that my donation is impactful and sustainable, which are explained on the monthly giving page. I also know that I’m joining a community, which makes me feel like this is a mission that’s moving forward on the power of people all over the world who want to see girls educated and respected. I feel like my donation is an important piece of this work.

Do you intend to donate again in the future?

Yes! I think STF is doing great work and, more importantly, adapting to the needs of the times and the people they serve. I usually donate during specific campaigns or during the holidays, which will likely be the case this year.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

First, I think the branding is so smart. The name The Front Row ties into the mission and enforces that this is a powerful way to engage with the cause. We’re committing to be involved and to learning about what the girls STF is serving need to thrive.

Also, I felt like this was a great way for me to automate that support. I didn’t have to worry about potentially missing an email or social media post encouraging donations for a specific issue or when it was especially timely.

DONATE: Why I Donated: Why I Joined She’s the First’s Monthly Giving Community

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