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NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain games are all concepts that can be easily confused and mixed up. It is only normal to get lost between all the different terms and expressions, especially since they are often ambiguously used. In this article, we will attempt to detangle the concepts of blockchain, crypto, and NFT games and try to identify where they can possibly apply or be used together.

Blockchain gaming gives emphasis on the unique characteristics of blockchain technology. The main point of it is its decentralized nature that provides security and ensures ownership rights. Every in-game item in the blockchain game is recorded and assigned to its rightful owner, allowing players to prove their rights to it and are easily trackable, providing an additional security level in data storage and processing. Relying on blockchain technology in the development of the game can allow to practically eliminate the possibility of the game being hacked or modified, reducing the cheater factor to zero. It creates a safer and fairer environment for honest users to play, promoting the game’s transparency.

Blockchain games are trying to increase the value of the in-game economy and overall experience, giving the community of players the ability to control the course of the game’s evolution. On the developers’ side, it gives the opportunity to explore a variety of technologies such as Augmented and Virtual reality.

Crypto games, on the other hand, is a term that refers more to the importance of cryptocurrency in the game world and focuses on the transactions between players.

Crypto games can be a synonym for blockchain games, but with the main difference of giving more importance to the rewards to the players being in cryptocurrency. They emphasize the circulation of cryptocurrencies in order to enhance the game economy, rewarding players for their involvement in the game and the time spent playing.

NFT games are the ones that utilize native to the game currencies, making the exchange and trading of the NFT items one of its main goals in a similar way that Crypto games do. The spotlight of NFT games is the ability to own unique items, appearances, and in-game assets that make the gaming experience exclusive for each individual player.

Article written by Jenny Lis from Isotopic

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